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Tomato Art Fest

Saturday I hit up the Tomato Art Fest for an hour or so. It was a busy day but I had to make time to go down and see what this event was about. Since it began, I’ve meant to attend each year but this was the first time I actually made it down.

The weather was hot and a little muggy, but the clouds provided a break every now and then and there was a slight breeze that helped a bit. It didn’t stop the crowd from showing up. There were lots of people and quite a few dogs there. Extremely dog friendly environment, something to keep in mind for Trixie next year.

I saw some great art, some great photography and quite a bit of hand made goodness. I saw some people I knew and even one woman I hadn’t seen in many years. Oh yeah, they also have tomatoes.

Here’s a few shots from the festival.


Robots love tomatoes, apparently.

Truck rust lust.

The intensity of these pants may not be broadcast safe.

Face in the parade.

One of three.

Reflection in VW Bus windows.