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Boat Parade

I’m still going through images taken during the Independence day celebration in downtown Nashville. Looking off the side of the Woodland Street Bridge, I took a shot of the boats that had gathered to watch the fireworks show. Everyone I know always says that the best viewpoint of the show is from a boat. I’m sure it is. Most things look better from a boat.

I loved the light that was falling on the water and the way it just spilled towards me. The James Robertson bridge made a nice frame to the whole scene.

I’ve recently switched over to a new camera system. After a few years cutting my teeth and learning with my trusty Olympus, I’ve moved over to the world of Canon and the 7D.

At first I felt like I was starting over. All the buttons are in new places and it feels so different in my hands. But I’ve had a chance to shoot with it for a couple weeks and things are starting to become second nature. I don’t feel like I’m starting over anymore, but it’s definitely a new beginning.

I’m gathering up all my Olympus lenses and gear and getting ready to put it on the market. It was a hard decision to sell it when I think of all the great images it still has to make in its lifetime. I’m trying to resist being overly-sentimental about it. It’s a business decision and it doesn’t make fiscal sense to keep it. Besides, I want some Canon L glass.

I’ll sell it, and hopefully it will find its way into the hands of someone who was just like me when I bought it. Someone eager to learn about the world of photography and go through the roller coaster process of making a thousand discouraging mistakes, then making one photograph that changes the way you look at the world, then willingly going through however many mistakes are required to get that feeling again. It’s a beautiful thing.

That may still be overly-sentimental.