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Bicentennial Mall

Bicentennial Mall
Bicentennial Mall and the Tennessee State Capitol

I took a photo walk with some friends Sunday evening down to Bicentennial Mall. It’s been unusually chilly in Nashville for the last couple of days. There was a slight drizzle that was going in and out and it was just kind of gloomy. At least the cicada song has been quieted a bit.

Around The Bend

Around the Bend
     I’m not exactly %100 today so I’m turning my eyes to the future with the knowledge that around the bend, the sun is shining and the air is warm on a daily basis. Looking forward to it. Just a little while longer.

Growing Pains in Music City

A protester at Thursday’s rally yells at construction workers.

     Last Thursday a group of local union labor workers gathered to protest outside the construction site of the new downtown convention center. They are upset over the amount of contracts that have been awarded to out of state construction firms. These firms have shipped in workers from other states, angering local unions who point out the large number of unemployed in Davidson County. 
     The protesters marched from the Metro courthouse to the construction site of the almost 600 million dollar convention center. Once they reached the site, local police were forced to shut down a section of Franklin Street between 5th and 4th to accommodate the large crowd. The protesters marched around, some of them banging on 5 gallon paint buckets and all of them chanting, “Local jobs for local people!”.