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The Start of It

Line of Leaves

Starting to see leaves collecting in the drive. The weather has been great lately and it has been nice to shoot without breaking a sweat. Hope you’re enjoying it.


Animals Love Burnt Blueberry Muffins

Melissa and I headed out to Hendersonville Sunday night to spend some time at the park and relax a little bit. She had a batch of well-done mini blueberry muffins and we figured the ducks and geese at Drakes Creek Park wouldn’t be too picky.

They were not picky. It would be more appropriate to say they were rabid.

Now, I like sweet bread, no doubt about it. I draw the line, though, at getting up in peoples faces and hissing until they give me some. The bluntness of the animal kingdom. Pure instinct.

We sat for a while with the sun setting tossing crumbs and watching the light play off the water. It was a nice evening.

Workshop, Weekend, Weather

     It’s a workshop weekend so I’ll be spending most of my time glued to the internet. Adding to the knowledge base is essential and keeps me learning and growing as a photographer. The weak spots get brought to the forefront and I’m presented with the choice of strengthening them and becoming better at what I do or ignoring them until they show up again. 
     They will show up again if nothing is done so, as always, the best time to work on them is now.
     I’m taking advantage of the breaks by sitting on the porch and taking in some of this beautiful day. Quite a change from the boom and slop of earlier this week. It’s gorgeous outside. 
     Enjoy the weekend.