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Spring Up


     While taking a break from working on some video, I thought I’d share a few photos from a recent lunchtime walk around the Farmer’s Market. Mid 70’s temps with a stiff breeze and quiet enough to move around as slow as I wanted. I like it like that. I went there during the week so the halls were pretty empty, but a few shops were getting their inventory ready for spring.

     It was nice to get out of the house and away from the front of the computer. I have a few video projects in progress and it’s nice to be working with moving images again. Working with video is a much different beast than still images. Of course, there are similarities in exposure, composition, etc., but the difference in length of time from capture to output is what I notice most of all. There’s lots of waiting involved.

  I’m loving it, though. The feeling I get when I realize the whole project has been worth the waiting is amazing. It’s another way to tell a story which really is what photography is all about whether it be moving or still. I’ll be sharing some of what I’ve been working on sooner rather than later and can’t wait to get this stuff out into the wild.

     Hope you’re digging the weather lately and getting a chance to take advantage of it.

Street Tunes

     Keep your eyes open and there’s no telling what you’ll see. Yesterday, it was a man named Joseph practicing the violin on a basketball court off 8th Ave. Making my way towards Reservoir Park with fellow photog Barry Davis, all I could see from the street was a torso, a head and a violin.

Street Tunes
     Barry parked the car and we made our way over. After introductions Joseph agreed to let us snap a few frames. The scene was perfect. Out of the racket of all the cars and buses driving by, Joseph carved his own place and gave whoever was lucky enough to hear it some sweet licks with his bow while his son danced and played around him.
     I really wasn’t expecting to find refinement around Reservoir Park and the contrast of elements was very nice. It’s these pockets of artistry that pop up all over the map that make Nashville such an interesting place to live.

Sun For Sale

Discount sun at the Farmer’s Market, Nashville
     With the expectation of another round of snow here in middle Tennessee, I’m finding it difficult to greet it with the childlike anticipation that I usually do. Snowfall in Nashville has always been a treat to experience for a number of reasons. Beautiful is a word that describes my home state thoroughly, and snowfall punctuates that fact with a visual reminder that  we really do get four seasons here. 
     There’s also the relative rarity of snowfall in the mid state that tends to charge the air with a certain excitement, with kids and adults alike checking the view from the kitchen window looking for an answer to the question of, “Has it started yet?”. Further, and this may be just me, there is a distinct smell to the air before a snowfall. The air gets a bit thicker and seems crisper in advance of it starting, like the clean flavor of ozone after a summer thunderstorm.
     But I’m kind of over it. I long for warmer weather and the stretched out daylight that never seems to end. I look forward to the sky still holding color when the clock is pushing 9pm and the energy that comes with it. I understand why Superman gets his strength from the sun. 
     Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, the arrival of spring feels more like New Year’s for me. That’s always when I feel a sense of rebirth and newness. A changing of the guard brought by a new season of life and vitality, shared and visually displayed naturally by all that is around me.