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Rainy Day Portrait

Breaking Records
Breaking Records
     According to the weather reports the world is going to end sometime today. The local news is all over the story so the path of destruction is clearly mapped and timed. If you have any doubt of when your demise may draw nigh, just tune in to the local affiliates and they’ll lay it out with impressive accuracy. 
     Camden, TN, you can expect the fear of God around 3:28pm. Hurricane Mills, around 3:35. Mt. Pleasant, 3:41-ish. If you live in Crab Orchard, you’ve got about 25 minutes to pack in a few more sins before you hit your knees in a bathtub or interior closet and plead your case.
     It’s no surprise days like today are big news and it’s not my intention to mock the plight of those who actually are affected, irreparably in some cases, by mother nature stretching her legs. It was only a year ago when the skies bled like a stuck pig and brought a thousand-year flood to Nashville and Middle Tennessee. If you weren’t affected directly by it, you knew someone close to you who was, and it was no laughing matter. 
     I guess I’m just fascinated by how a radar map can be so captivating with it’s different shades of green, yellow, red, and, what the… is that PURPLE?!? 
     I remember when the Weather Channel was announced as part of the lineup of basic cable and how insane that seemed. How in the world is a channel with 24 hours of weather coverage going to survive? How boring must peoples lives be to want to watch that? And look at it now, a huge success. I even have their app.
     As excessive as the local coverage may be to me, I’m guilty of consuming what they’re producing. There it is, in the background, droning away like the cicadas will be about a month from now. It’s kind of soothing in a way. It doesn’t require me to be too involved mentally. They’ll snap my attention to order if there’s something I really need to know about, and maybe, just maybe, Charlie Neese will give us another inadvertent anatomy lesson and provide us with internet gold.
     I felt compelled to take a break from the neighborhood Ark construction and post a recent piece.
     A while back, Melissa and I received a box of old LP’s from a family member. They were rejected by the local record shop and she just wanted to get rid of them. One night we took the worst of the worst and made some vinyl sculpture by heating them up and twisting them into all kinds of cool shapes. I watched Melissa do her thing and I took a lot of photographs. I love watching her work. 
     It was like old school art class with my best friend. She’s going to cook a delicious dinner tonight and we’ll relax with a couple episodes of The Sopranos. If I have to take cover in a closet or hide in a bathtub I’d rather it be with her than anyone else.
     Be safe everybody.

SACK – art by Sam Mitchell


      I invite you to take a few moments and check out the new short “SACK”. “SACK” features Nashville artist Sam Mitchell as he shares the thought process behind some of his latest works. Transforming the utilitarian into the decorative, Sam views his art not just as finished pieces, but invitations to continue the cycle of sustainable culture.

Chihuly at Cheekwood


     Cheekwood Botanical Gardens will be wrapping up it’s exhibition of Dale Chihuly’s brilliant glass sculptures soon, so you’ve got just a few more days to make it out there before the show is gone. The gardens provide a natural, organic canvas to showcase the beauty of his designs.

     I arrived a little before sundown with some friends, and the glasswork looks beautiful in daylight. After the sun sets, accent lighting carves out every nuance and curve. The attention to detail is incredible.

     Chihuly’s work has been exhibited through installations all over the world, and it is a special treat to have part of his amazing body of work so close to home. The display ends on October 31st. If you plan on making it out there, give yourself enough time to stroll around and soak up the environment. You will not want to rush through this, and there is a lot to see.

     If you don’t have time to make it out, you can see more of my visit over at my Flickr page.