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Hey Jude

Jude with bananas

We’ve had a new addition to the Voland clan. Well, about seven months ago we had a new addition. This is Jude. He is the latest of four amazing nephews that I get the privilege of having in my life.

Last Friday, I took my camera and some lights and made some photographs with this little guy and his momma, my sister-in-law Brooke.

Jude on the Bed

He’s made quite the entrance. For a few months, I could swear that he saved up all his tears for when he came over to visit. It was very rough to watch the poor guy crying and not be able to do anything about it. That’s all changed, seemingly overnight. I think he just wanted to make sure we all knew he was here.

Retro Jude

Eat your heart out, Dean Martin.

The day I took these photographs, he was all smiles. Brooke was open to any ideas I had, so we had fun with it. She’s a born creative, and between the two of us I think we created some great images.

Jude between Boots

The shoot took about two hours, but it felt like it was over in no time. We didn’t rush things and I love working like that. It gives the images time to develop in my mind and the talent always performs better when they can relax for a minute or two.

Dinner ready yet?

Hope all is well.

– GV

New Year. New Stuff.

Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope you all made it safely into the record books of 2012 and that you have a hopeful outlook for the next year. I know I’m looking forward to seeing what is in store for the coming months and I wish you all happiness and success in whatever endeavor you embark on.

One of my resolutions is to keep the blog as fresh as possible, and today’s post is part of that commitment.

Starting today, and at the beginning of each month, I will be posting a free, downloadable wallpaper file. If you click the image of the barn above, it will open in a seperate window. From there you can right-click the image and save it to your machine. The image is sized to a whopping 2560 x 1600, so it will fill anything up to around a 30″ display.

The image above was taken in Pleasant View, TN on a balmy winter day last January. The barn is adjacent to a new subdivision and just behind me was a row of modern homes. I love how the old barn stands in contrast to all the new stuff and always try to take a photo of it every time I’m up that way.

Again, you can click the image above or you could just click here to get the high res version.

Live well, laugh hard, love much. It’s good to be among you.


Tweets From The Dead


Inspired by a quote from Rick Sammon, “Did you know you can Tweet when you’re dead?”

Shot in Spring Hill Cemetery on a beautiful, sunny fall day.