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Nashville Fireworks Psychedelic Dreamtime

Those of you who live in Nashville know that in the last several years the city has really stepped up its game in the fireworks department. The show is not to be missed if you can make it down. If, however, the thought of the crowd or the traffic keeps you at home, here’s a little peek at what went down.

I went with an idea in mind to video the entire show in bokeh, the product of a happy accident the night before at a fireworks show in Hendersonville, TN. Watching a fireworks show that has been recorded is always disappointing. I can’t really feel the show and I always know the colors just aren’t as vibrant as when I’m there.

This is my attempt to capture the dreamy feeling I always get when watching this sort of thing. I’ve watched this several times and I love how calming it is. Just like Monday night during the show, I can push out all the noise from my mind for a bit and just enjoy the light. I’m very happy with the result even with the limitation of my field of view that night.

If you were there this is a different look at what you’ve already seen. If you weren’t there, well, enjoy.

Industrial Chocolate


That’s right. Industrial Chocolate.

This layered goodness took me back to my youth it was that good. It’s the kind of home-made diabetes defying indulgence I was first introduced to through pot luck dinners in church gymnasiums when I was a kid. Presented in disposable aluminum pans and lit by old, buzzing sodium-vapor lights.

Is it possible to listen to the gospel while being raptured by devil’s food? I don’t know.

Thanks to all the church ladies out there who taught me what real dessert tastes like and aren’t afraid to rock the world with real sugar.

Lots of real sugar.

Bicentennial Mall

Bicentennial Mall
Bicentennial Mall and the Tennessee State Capitol

I took a photo walk with some friends Sunday evening down to Bicentennial Mall. It’s been unusually chilly in Nashville for the last couple of days. There was a slight drizzle that was going in and out and it was just kind of gloomy. At least the cicada song has been quieted a bit.