Chihuly at Cheekwood


     Cheekwood Botanical Gardens will be wrapping up it’s exhibition of Dale Chihuly’s brilliant glass sculptures soon, so you’ve got just a few more days to make it out there before the show is gone. The gardens provide a natural, organic canvas to showcase the beauty of his designs.

     I arrived a little before sundown with some friends, and the glasswork looks beautiful in daylight. After the sun sets, accent lighting carves out every nuance and curve. The attention to detail is incredible.

     Chihuly’s work has been exhibited through installations all over the world, and it is a special treat to have part of his amazing body of work so close to home. The display ends on October 31st. If you plan on making it out there, give yourself enough time to stroll around and soak up the environment. You will not want to rush through this, and there is a lot to see.

     If you don’t have time to make it out, you can see more of my visit over at my Flickr page.


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